"Smooth and Edgy" - Michael earned the nickname because it fits! His music comes with style. Music influences ranging from Blues to R&B he brings an interesting dynamic to the crew. Michael is The Smooth Truth

Hailing from North Minneapolis he's seen it all. Growing up he always wanted to make music but didn't find his calling until picked up and American Strat. He pours raw emotion into his notes (smooth) but before you know it hes rocking a riff that's got your head boppin' (Edgy) 

Music influences from John Mayer to SRV you just never know what is going to come out of that Marshall amp.

When he isn't out shredding or creating "Banger Riffs" as he calls it he is a full time Machinist.


Michael brings a fun and gritty style to the band which I think blends great with the other sounds in the band. A good friend who I enjoy sharing the stage with. - Jake